Why We Should Not Waste Time – Is Wasting Time Bad?

Your life is going to finish.

You have been created in a good form. 

You have eyes for seeing, ears for hearing, a heart to understand information, form intention and then limbs to carry out actions. 

Then, very soon, this will all stop working. 

You will die.

Your wealth will go somewhere else. 

Your companions will leave you and you will be all alone. 

Except for your actions. 

Surely everyone is in loss, except those who value their precious time. 

The Planting Place of Actions

Time is the planting place for actions. 

If you waste time – by not seeking knowledge, acting upon it, teaching it to others and being patient with the harms that come to you on that path – you will never have that time back. 

When your time is up, so are your actions. 

You are left with what you earned and there is no returning to do over. 

So, we need to make our actions good. 

Time Thiefs

So now we know that we need to protect our time for what really matters, we need to arm ourselves. 

Why? Because we have enemies that want to strip us of our time, prevent us from doing good and call us to finish our time having not earned anything that matters. 

The first enemy is our self. 

We have a soul that inclines to quick passing pleasures, to avoiding rectifying ourselves and our state and wasting time in pleasures. 

In addition, there are bad people who want us to be lowly, desire-driven individuals, to not purify ourselves and to not make use of our time. 

Sometimes these are bad companions, sometimes these are companies that want you to follow your desires into buying unnecessary things or so they might sell your time to advertisers.

If You Don’t Use Your Time, Someone Else Will 

If you don’t use your time, someone else will. 

If we don’t make time for seeking knowledge, acting upon it and making it a habit, teaching it to others and bearing patience – things will only ever become worse. 

We will only become lower. 

Examples of this are so many. 

If you didn’t seek knowledge and proficiency, then how will you earn a living? 

We didn’t build anything that provided value to other people, so now what are our choices? 

We either put in the time now (unless you are dying it is not too late), learn how to build something and build it, 

Or – if we waste our time on the various time traps, we might end up having to sell our time for a low wage to a company for them to use to build something for themselves. 

Or, if you don’t take time to learn the truth about interest (usury) then you might just blindly follow your country people and end up selling your money for a fraction of its worth, putting your future self into poverty. 

Or if you didn’t learn the truth about fornication, you might let yourself be used by others (men or women) to satisfy their desire while leaving you with a harmed heart and other troubles. 

Or if you didn’t learn the truth about harmful foods and drinks, then you may spend your time poisoning yourself for decades and then wonder why you have all these illnesses and why you aren’t as intelligent as you were when you were younger. 

Or if you didn’t spend time to learn good manners, perhaps you won’t be able to earn a good living and wonder why people don’t want to work with you even though you know you have talents. 

If you didn’t learn the truth about The Creator and that only He deserves to be worshipped, you might be wondering why you can’t control your desires and whenever they call you to do something you do it even though you know it is harmful.

This list is very long. 

How Can We Protect Ourselves? 

Okay, so we have had enough of time wasting, let’s protect ourselves and put ourselves on the right path. 

Thank God, there is a very simple step by step plan for rectification, it works in every time and every place, for individuals, families, communities and societies. 

And it starts with believing in the truth when it comes to you. 

Unless you admit to the truth and submit to it, you will never be able to stop wasting time. 

You need to believe in the truth whenever it comes to you. 

Without this, you will never be able to act upon it. 

Without this, you won’t be able to control yourself and will just be a slave to desires and whoever has become skilled at manipulating them. 

And this starts with the simplest most necessary and fundamental truth there is: 

God Is The Only One Deserving of Worship 

The Creator, The Owner, The Disposer of Affairs is the only One Who deserves to be worshipped. 

No righteous person, no prophet sent and no angel drawn close. 

Everyone is worshipping something. 

Everyone has a reason for doing what they are doing. 

If you are worshipping your desires, you are a slave to them and you will go wherever they are turned. 

If you are worshipping a statue, you will go wherever its owners tell you and you will become worse. 

God created you and those before you, He created and controls everything, how can we be a slave to anything besides Him? 

Reflect, you have been created for worship. 

People either worship God, The Creator, alone and no one else, or they worship the creation and are a slave to it and unable to protect their time from desires and their manipulators. 

So we have a choice, to submit to God, fulfilling His right, which is to worship Him alone. Admitting the truth, submitting to it, loving it and being certain of it. 

Or, if someone were to turn away, then they would continue to be a slave to desires, covering the truth until there came to them death with all their life having been wasted. 

I hope I don’t have to tell you which to do. 

The Real Means of Rectification

See, mankind was created in the best of forms. 

Then slowly over time they began to waste their time. 

Knowledge was not acted upon and then lost, people began to follow their desires and this continued bit by bit over generations. 

Until the people fell into the worst thing a person can do, they began to worship created things. 

Then God sent Noah to mankind, the first of the messengers. 

The Messengers are the true means of rectification. 

They called mankind back to the worship of God alone and in that is rectification. 

In your heart, your mind, your eyes and ears, tongue and limbs. 

They will not be purified except with turning back to your Creator, the way you were when you were born, before all of these desires. 


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