Is Public Relations Dying?


People and organizations still have to relate with the public, so public relations isn’t dying. 

However, it has changed a lot and if you don’t keep up with it you might never be able to have the type of impact you want in the world.

Today, most of us or walking around with our own PR device in our pocket and a PR team waiting to work for us. 

Don’t see this yet? Keep reading.

Public Relations of Old

The old way of doing PR was that people would put their eyes and ears in a certain place over a long period of time.

Then, the people who owned that place would charge people for using it. 

Think, billboards, bus stands, magazines, newspaper articles which are bought and paid for but not disclosed as such. That sort of thing. 

Obviously, since nowadays a lot of people’s eyes are fixed to their mobile devices, a lot of these efforts have moved over to the “new media”. 

Primarily, by way of the gatekeepers of the internet for many, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. 

They sell ad space to people in order to promote what they want to promote. 

After these gatekeepers, there are other media sources like online magazines and newspapers also, who likewise sell ad space (and we would be surprised if not whole articles like print media, we just haven’t looked into it yet).

The other way of doing it was that you would go to one of these establishments or people with control over them (like newspaper editors in the past or “influencers” today; people with large groups behind them who lend them their eyes and ears) and try to convince them to feature whatever it was you wanted to feature. 

So instead of money, you would be trading something else they are interested in, in return for “air time”.

This is obviously something that is still being done, but it may be a real problem for the vast majority of people. 

What Have You Done?

The thing is, if we take ourselves now and just pour on tons of internet traffic, what are we even showing them?

What have we done with the gifts we have been given?

Knowledge, Ability, Judgement, Websites, Software, Products, Services, what do we have right now that is helping to solve other people’s problems?

Don’t worry, you have been given a lot, and you need to take ownership of it. 

You have your heart for acquiring knowledge, intending to act upon it, hoping and relying on The Creator. 

You have a tongue for asking questions of the people who do have knowledge, supplicating to God and passing on knowledge to others.

You have limbs to act upon what you learn and in the hours you set aside for earning a living, for building or using something that provides value to other people. 

You have fingers for typing to help pass on knowledge, eyes to choose good design, a heart to help solve problems if you are able. 

PR is just a tool that we add on top of this. 

You see, if you want to help other people, build or use something you already have to do that. 

And if you don’t want to help other people, then don’t look into PR.

These people have problems that they would like to be solved, if you are calling to something that doesn’t help with that then you are actually harming them.

Be An Owner

So now we have taken ownership of ourself and our possessions and are using them to help other people, keep doing this, reinvest and be patient.

If we were to spend our time worrying about what other people think about us, chasing after public opinion…

And if we were to spend time counting our wealth or trying to save it…

Then we would have stopped helping other people. 

We would have become followers, and not leaders. 

How can we out PR this?

Your Own Public Relations Team

There is a public relations team out there waiting for you. 

It’s a combination of robots and humans and they share things with other people. 

The robots work for search engines like Google and the humans use the internet gatekeepers (Google, Facebook, Twitter) to find content that interests them or other users. 

Why try and do Public Relations when Google and Internet Magazines are already waiting to do that for us?

Build a website in 30 minutes or if you are already very well known then open a twitter account. 

Only post helpful content. 

This is all that is needed today. 

Now, the eyes and ears of the people have gone from being in the control of a small group of media controllers, to being in the palm of your hand. 

Creating your own PR network (website, Twitter, etc) is free or very cheap and will hopefully take less than 30 minutes to set up. 

So Is PR Dying?

No, it’s just never been easier. 

Now you might just focus almost solely on providing value to others in the time set aside for this. 

If you come across something that would be beneficial to others, share it. 

Then go back to building or growing.

Let Google do the PR for you and then users after that who might share it on other networks.

All the while, you might be focusing on building something even better and the means of the people who have stopped being sincere to the rest of the creation is being slowly dwindled away.

If you don’t already own wealth (which is leverage for your choices) to use to help other people, click here and read How To Create Wealth Without Money.


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