Is Public Relations a Growing Field?

Everyone has to do Public Relations. 

Today, PR may never been easier and more destructive at the same time. 

But is it growing?

Yes, today everyone is their own PR agent.

Is Public Relations a Growing Field? 

In The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Ever-Merciful to His believing servants  

Verily, all praise and thanks belong to God, may He extol His Messenger in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, his family and companions, and whoever follows them, 

To proceed, 

The first person’s PR we should consider improving before anyone else’s is our own. 

We obviously need to interact with others, so naturally we want to have good public relations and not bad public relations. 

The thing is, PR is deeper than just considering what we post online, etc. 

It starts with Why we do what we do, What we keep in our hearts, How we use them and then this just comes out on the tongue and limbs anyway. 

This is the same for people and for businesses. 

And don’t be surprised if before other people give you responsibility over their pubilic relations, they look first at your public relations. 

What is in your heart (your belief, loving and hating) will come out on your tongue and on your limbs and interactions. 

What is on your tongue, limbs (including typing fingers) will effect other people, by their seeng, hearing or sensing.

However, when some people think about PR they just think about coordinated publicity statements and content, but this is like a plaster (band-aid). 

If we are focused on a certain activity in reality, but you try and put on a different *public image*, this is a huge waste of time and resources. 

Much simpler – and what you should do – is correct what is in your heart first, then your statements and actions will follow suit. 

Then you will not have to spend effort crafting a public image, you will just naturally make certain posts and publications, etc, as part of acting upon what is in your heart. 

So before we start looking into the growing nature of Public Relatuions, we really need to figure out and be certain in what our *why* is.


Why do you care about what the public think about you? 

I’m not talking about skin-deep either. 

I’m talking about following that chain until we find what is really moving your heart. 

Do you care about what the public think because it makes you feel good? 

If so, what will keep you upon that if your feelings change? 

Is it because you actually want money and power and you are simply using the public as a means to attain that? 

If so, you will ultimately be exposed and it will all have been for nothing. 

Or is it because you want to provide value to the public, and would like to learn the best practices for doing that and common mistakes to avoid? 

This is better, but before that we need to go a layer deeper. 

If we aren’t firmly rooted, when the world comes our way (money, power, status, etc) don’t be surprised if our heart starts to turn towards it instead of towards what is right. 

Yes, we know instinctively that being nice to other people is good and right, but if we don’t fortifiy this inclination and strengthen it with knowledge and beneficial habits, we may very soon be overcome with desires or doubts. 

Desires like: selling out your audience for a sponsorship. 

Or cutting corners with your product/service, reducing the value you provide to others. 

And doubts may be excuses that come to you to justify the above.

So why is it right to benefit others? 


You have been receiving benefits your whole life. 

You were originally a drop of a fluid emitted. 

Then you were shaped into a clot and then a morsel of flesh. 

Then you were giving a soul and formed into a baby. 

You were given a natural inclination to the truth, loving it and anticipating what is right. 

Then you were nurtured through various stages until you were intelligent to hear speech and understand it. 

Then you became mature and able to distinguish between right and wrong. 

Then, you have been (or will be) tested by different desires for the world around you. 

Money, marriage, authority, there is not one of us except that he has a longing for something of the world built in him. 

However, some of us have been blessed to have received knowledge that has not come to many. 

See, without knowledge and good actions, people just become base, desirous individuals who are manipulated by certain people and groups who have become skilled at that. 

(Think, ad campaigns, revolutions, propoganda…).

So we have to acquire knowledge of the most important affairs and become firmly rooted individuals and make the most of our life before it’s end. 

Were You Create By Nothing? 

Were you created by nothing? 

Or did you create yourself? 

If we don’t have a certain belief about your own creation, what are we certain about?

Obviously we weren’t created by ourselves, as before we existed we were nothing and nothing doesn’t have the ability required to create anything. 

Nor the knowledge, will or wisdom. 

So Who does? 

Who has the ability to create the sky, the earth and everything in between them? 

Who has the ability to create plants and humans from seed and emitted fluid, to utilise benefits in our surroundings in growth and repair and become moving creatures formed of food and drink?

Who has sent prophets and messengers continually teaching mankind what is beneficial for them and what is harmful to them, teaching them about The Creator, what came before them and where they are going?

He has not created us without a purpose and He has created ways and means, cause and effect mechanisms within the creation which cannot be escaped from. 

Every action we perform has an effect. 

The Disposer of Affairs

Since we know that the whole creation has over it The All-Knowing, All-Wise Creator and Owner – we know that nothing happens except what He wills. 

So if we want to make the most of public relations (have patience, this is way down the list of priorities) – we first have to please The Disposer of Affairs. 

If you please Him He will aid you with what is best for you from the world around you. 

If you please Him, He will cause the people to be pleased with you.

However, if you try and make the people pleased with you (while He created and controls them) while not consdiering The Creator – this is clearly misguidance. 

All praise and thanks are to God who has made in this time a wealth of tools we might use to aid us upon pleasing Him, however, we need to be ready first. 

Where Do We Go From Here? 

To Your Lord.

Once you have turned to Him completely and away from what displeases Him and become firmly rooted, then here are a few tools you might use to help you upon that. 

Don’t worry, God Willing, we will still be here when you return.


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