Innovative Public Relations Ideas To Use Right Now

The World has changed and our PR efforts need to change with it.

We’re not just talking about the world moving more online either.

You may need to be online, but in the right way.

Here is a quick snapshot of what you need to do.

  1. Build Something That Provides Value To Other People.
  2. Use A.I. Technology to Call Others To It.
  3. Have Patience Upon All of This.

If this sounds simple then great, but don’t be surprised if it runs counter to what the vast majority of people do.

Remember, most of mankind do not know, so do not follow them but follow the truth if you want to be successful.

The internet is like an ocean and if you just jump in and splash around, don’t be surprised if you don’t make the sort of impact you want.

Before starting any Public Relations efforts, you need to seek knowledge.

Innovative Public Relations Ideas To Use Right Now

In The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Ever-Merciful to His believing servants.

All praise belongs to God, may He extol His Messenger in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, his family and companions and whoever follows them,

To proceed,

Let’s stop for a minute and think back.

Imagine you are in a town before all the technology we take for granted today.

Before touchscreen phones, before social media, before Google, websites, magazines or newspapers.

Just you, your family, your neighbours and the rest of your town.

Much simpler right?

Let’s start here and build our way up.

Obviously what people thing about us does play a role in our lives, but how should we conduct ourselves?

Since people are not having their opinions moulded by print media or “smart” devices yet, then they are going to have to go off their own experiences with you, or narrations from sources they trust.

And here’s the thing, in this town, so close together, what is the simplest and easiest way to leave a good Public Image?

Just be a good person.

This is something most people won’t tell you: That this is all there is to Public Relations.

Yes, we all make mistakes, and if we disobey God and He hides that from the people then we shouldn’t reveal that – but just learn how to be a good person and focus on doing that and leave off what is with the people.

That’s all there is to it.

Along came Print Media.

Instead of before when writing something multiple times required hand by hand copying, we now have machines to do that for us on a large scale.

Great, but the game hasn’t changed.

We need to just continue trying to be a good person and if print media is a tool that is useful to our dealings and we can afford it, then lets use it as extra leverage to do good.

But that’s it all we should look to it for.

Now, you might be thinking, “well, what if people lie about me?”.

It doesn’t matter.

The thing is, if they do, the way out from this is the same: just be a good person.

God, The Most Merciful, is allowing this to come to us on account of our mistakes, so the way out from this difficulty is turning back to Him and doing what pleases Him (which is everything that is best for ourself and then others).

In the time of the day that you set aside for whatever activity it is that you care about the PR for, just do as much good as you can and if that involves using technology then okay.

Eventually, either people will realise that they have been lied to and abandon the people who misguided them, or they won’t.

But if we turn our attention to the people and care more about what they think of us than about doing good, it doesn’t matter how much PR we have done. We would have stopped doing good, what does it matter if we look good or not?

The Internet

Along came the Internet.

Yes, we’ve skipped over television as it’s really very similar to print media (in the hands of a few that they use to [often mis]lead the people).

The Internet has so many benefits for people, but most people can’t control themselves.

There is an access to lifetimes of knowledge and information, the type that the people of knowledge of old would have travelled on foot across countries to have access to.

But most people give their minds over to bad people to fill it with whatever they want in return for “entertainment”.

After these people there are also people who try to do good, and then they are tested.

Some people say bad things about them or they post lies about them or perhaps they do make a mistake and people broadcast this over the internet.

Okay, the answer is still the same, just be a good person.

If you make a mistake with God, then cover that, but if your mistakes do come to public knowledge then do what good people do.

Take responsibility.

Ask God to forgive you, clarify to people the truth, make things right with any of the people you may have harmed.

And then go right back to doing good.

That’s it.

All the internet is there for is to be an extra tool for us to do good.

Innovative Public Relations

Here is Innovative Public Relations in a sentance:

Be as good as you possibly be, at scale.

Again, all the technology is there for is to help us do more good.

As for how, let’s get into the ideas:

1. Build Something That Provides Value to Other People

The first step is to build something that provides value to other people.

Remember, the whole point of us using the internet is to extend our ability to do good.

There are a number of stages to this, let’s go through them in order.

Decide Who You Want To Help

The internet is a pretty big place, so start by defining who you are trying to help.

This applies to business, information services, public pursuits, etc.

Is it people in a particular area, people with a particular problem, a particular group of people, profession, background, etc?

Now that we are thinking of them, this leads in nicely to the next point:

What Are Their Biggest Problems?

We need to figure out what their biggest problems are in order to help them out. If we care about doing good to people, naturally we are going to want to move them away from harm and closer to what is beneficial to them.

Bring to mind the people that you are trying to help and let’s consider the biggest problems they might be experiencing.

All praise is to God Who has made finding people’s problems very easy.

In all times, including today, from the best of methods is to ask and genuinely listen.

If we already have a following, whether online or in person, let’s ask them what they need.

Then pick the biggest ones of these to try to be a means of solving first, then the next and the next, etc.

We aren’t saying that people will be able to identify what are there biggets problems right away, but ask them questions genuinely seeking to help benefit them and ythey may already feel better after that exercise alone.

If you don’t already have a following, then today one might ask Google instead (by finding recommended searches that aren’t being answered well) since that is who the people are asking in large numbers.

Answer Them Well

Put the thing that people are searching for right where they are looking for it (at the top of Google results).

If one were to build a website around this, they would be combining between 1, Building Something That Provides Value to Other People, and 2, Building It Out Of Things Which Robots Are Looking to Send People Towards.

Like this we want to compound our actions which in this method is two-fold,

  1. Building something means that there may be something that is a means of benefiting others even when we aren’t actively working on it (we only have a few hours a day to spend on this remember!)
  2. Building it out of individual bricks that are being sought out by a company looking to send people to you.

What about Social Media?

We should look to set a snowball rolling on one particular platform first, preferably one where your content doesn’t begin to melt away every two weeks or so (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, etc).

We want to pick one task that we do really well, then outsource the distribution and sharing to robots and our audience (by creating helpful content they may want to share with others).

Either pay someone to set up a WordPress site or follow a decent online tutorial and do it in a day.

Then write the answers to the searches we found above, on a regular basis.

Leave the distribution to Google and your audience and focus on whatever thing you do to do good to other people.

That’s it.

3. Have Patience Upon All This

There are things in the world that want to stop you doing good.

From them are the bad people and the enemy within your own self.

There might be part of you that thinks, it can’t be that simple?

What about spending years studying Public Relations, how to manipulate the mob and how to make them like you, etc.

It is that simple and if you want to spend years studying how to look like a good person instead of being a good person, then what can we do for you?

Control yourself upon what we mentioned, go online to either seek knowledge of how to do good, do good to others or teach others about how to do good.


May God extol His Messenger in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, his family and companions altogether.


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