Is Media Dying? – The Truth About Media Today

Traditional Media, Yes.

Media in general, no and this is becoming easier and easier to use.

Media is just where the eyes and the ears of the people are, that people use to reach their hearts, mould opinion and drive action.

Since people still have ears and eyes, there is still Media, and actually it is simpler now than perhaps it ever was before.

Traditional Media

Media as a lot of people may think of it is a group of people with a machine they use to crank out loads of written or pictured content on paper which they use to mould public opinion.

This is dying.

However, the new media is based online and there are a vast number of different types.

Some of the traditional establishments are making the move, like newspaper websites; however, it wouldn’t surprise us if these are dying also.

Something to bear in mind today is that you may not be more than a few clicks away from hearing information straight from the people you need to hear it from.

You might choose what knowledge you really need, what form of media you find best for seeking it on, then craft your own feed of information based around this.

For example, you find you do best absorbing information in written format, then there are Twitter accounts or specific blogs of (hopefully) actually qualified knowledgable people.

Or you find that audio is better, then there are a number of different options here.

Just think about it like this, has it ever been easier to learn the truth?

The New Media

It will likely not require much explanation of what the new media is today, think about it like this, it’s wherever the people are.

In the past, people cared about print media, why?

Because that’s where the people were.

They wanted to put something in front of them (i.e. Public Relations/Marketing) so they saw print media as a way of doing that.

So now, if we want to put something in front of other people what we need to ask is, who and where are they?

Where Are The People You Care About?

So you want to put something in front of people.

Whether knowledge, or a call to action like buying a product or a service, we first need to define who they are.

Or do we?

See, in the past we had to consider where was it that people we wanted to reach were spending their time, which newspaper or magazine for example, before considering what their biggest problems were and putting something in front of them to guide them to what is in their best interests.

But today, we might be able to just skip this entirely.

Google have an almost complete monopoly of the Search Engine Market.

Numbers are put out online of 92% Market Share or more, but whatever the case is it’s almost conclusive.

As dangerous as this is for the freedom of information and the fact that this might very easily be used to spark revolutions and upheavels in certain lands, it’s the reality now so we have to work in accordance with it.

It has never been easier to leverage your voice online.

It’s so easy, let us show you in a sentence.

Help Google.

How does this work? Let’s have a look.


Imagine you are in a small town with your townspeople.

Except, this town is a bit different.

Whenever they are in need of knowing something, they turn straight away to this device in their hand and ask it for the answer.

They then act almost unquestioningly based off what it says.

So what is the smartest way of doing anything in this town?

By helping the owner of these devices.

When we want to know about someone today, who do we ask?

When we want to find a place to go for lunch, etc, who do we ask?

Today, Google is perhaps the biggest form of created leverage for us to use.

Also, they make it very easy for us to help them.

Building YOUR Media Outlet

Nowadays, Media has been put in the hands of the people.

Again, this is very dangerous given that now the weakest in knowledge and opposing desires have massive megaphones by which to call people to harmful ideas and practices, but again, it’s the reality.

So really, we might have to act to avoid a greater evil from occurring.

How then do we go about builinding our own Media Outlet.

Like all endeavours, it begins with seeking knowledge.

Now we know that Google, In the form of Google Search, Google Images and Youtube occupy almost all the Search Traffic in the world.

What do they want?

Google’s Mission Statement at time of writing is:

“Deliver the most relevant and reliable information available”

So then, we should look for the things which people are searching for but Google cannot currently find relevant or reliable information for!

Google actually show us which searches are receiving traffic also with their recommended and related searches.

So all we need to do is find some of these where the answer isn’t being provided or it is but by not very reliable sources (like forums, etc) post it on a website and let Google do the rest.

Very easy, thank God.

Is That It?

Yes, it is that simple to create your own Media Outlet today.

The same as the above applies for Youtube also though Google is better and you avoid the harms of creating videos.

Just spend a day going through Google, find a list of searches that aren’t being answered well and write out a series of posts answering them all.

Websites, The New Houses

There is so much that might be said about this, but build a website.

Either pay someone to make it for you or do it yourself in a day.

Put simply, your website and your google results page are perhaps the simplest way to jump up many places in the social standing in one day.

In case you are thinking that this might be expensive, the yearly operating costs of a simple website might be less than $100.

If It’s So Simple, Why Doesn’t Everyone Do This?

Most people don’t know and of the people who know most don’t want the truth and cover it over to follow their desires.

The internet has made a lot of things much easier from them are the good and from them are the bad things.

How many people have fallen into the trap at looking at harmful things and go on sinking into following their desires?

But hear the good news, the opposite has never been easier either.

Just set out a very simple plan of what to do every day to build something that might multiply your strength millions of times over.

But if you want to hear something strange, I would be surprised if 1 out of every thousand people who read this will act upon it.


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