How To Be More Attractive, Naturally

Your attractiveness is a reflection of how healthy you are as a person.


You have done well in coming to this article, as the only way to become more attractive over time is to do it naturally. 

Meaning, that you seek to increase the health of your body and mind – and have patience in waiting for that to show upon the skin.

All other methods (such as covering over flaws with harmful chemicals) will result in decreased attractiveness over time.

The things that make a person attractive or unattractive might be divided into three categories.




Certain things have been made beautiful for us in order that we reproduce effectively and succeed each other in the earth.

This means that harmful characteristics to reproduction have been made unattractive to us, and things that are beneficial to it attractive to us.

For the person looking to become more attractive then, there is a 4 step approach we should take:

  1. Preserve Good Characteristics
  2. Avert Harmful Things
  3. Remove Harmful Things
  4. Attain Beneficial Things

Let’s look a bit deeper:


We are born (the overwhelming majority of us) in a healthy state. 

Then we are subjected to the environment in which there are things beneficial to us and things harmful to us. 

We are born not knowing these. 

Some of things our parents or teachers may have been aware of and taught us. 

However, upon reaching maturity it is our responsibility to find out the rest – in order of highest importance to least. 

These harmful things detract from the good health of the person – resulting in reduced attractiveness. 

Some of these you may be familiar with:

  • Skin devoid of good colour,
  • Mouth breathing – and the harmful effect on facial structure that results from this,
  • Unhealthy weight gain,
  • Other bone structure issues,
  • Acne, etc

And other than this from that which we are looking to avoid. 

Removing harms from the servant comes before attaining benefit in our pursuit of more natural attractiveness, as the servant has to remove disease which may become worse over time. 

This is like removing the weeds from your garden before planting new nice plants.

However, before this we must preserve what good health we do have with us.

For example, you may have already good habits as regards eating and drinking or exercise. 

Make sure that you take measures to preserve these good traits first, as seeking to improve without a firm grasp of what you already have is like dropping sticks you have for sticks you might not pick up. 

Preserving Good Health

First then we need to define good health – what constitutes it, what supports it and what detracts from it. 

Our health is a reflection of a number of factors:

– Our Actions

– The actions of those around us

– The actions of those before us

Since we, the world around us and those before us were created upon a good and healthy form, the things which detract from it are in fact the results of people’s bad actions. 

This is a result of two things – either acting without knowledge or following harmful desires after knowing the truth. 

For example, it may be that a person does not know that certain cooking oils cause inflammation in the body which may cause weight gain even at reduced calorie consumption. 

Or, it might be that a person has known and become aware of the fact that a certain element IS harmful to them, yet they contain to consume it or surround themselves with it. 

There may be a certain companion who calls you to do things which you know are harmful to yourself. 

Or a desire for something which is clearly more harmful overall than the short term desire that comes with it.

Therefore, when looking at the things we should be preserving before looking to improve our attractiveness, we should look at the actions we are doing (or habits) that we wish to continue to act upon. 

Then, prevent ourselves from falling into bad habits, then remove actions which we may have fallen into that are taking us away from being naturally attractive.

To aid us upon this, let’s define what is a healthy way of living, to identify characteristics that fit within this to.

In doing so, we may also identify activities to leave altogether which requires very little effort (now we are focus on the good, natural, healthy actions).

Side Note: look how much this contrasts to the advice of beauty product companies who want you to rush blindly into buying their (unnecessary) products!

A healthy routine:

  • Wake up Early and Pray to God alone.
  • Drink some mineral/spring water early on to prevent thirst or dehydration driving bad decisions,
  • Eat some high nutrient density carbohydrates in the morning to prevent cravings and lack of energy,
  • Stay awake past sunrise do some exercise and take care of major intelligence tasks,
  • Take some long deep breaths at least once a day 
  • Perhaps a brief nap around noon (common in warmer climates) 
  • Take walks in nature after each meal to help digestion and reflect upon the creation,
  • Drink before eating so that thirst is not mistaken for dehydration
  • Eat small, nutrient-dense meals to keep away excessive hunger and avoid overeating.
  • Finish eating three hours before bed to aid digestion
  • Pray and sleep early after it to help you wake up before the sun rises. 

With this, the servant is in line with the Command of his Lord, the rest of the creation and has satisfied his needs. 

There are things in addition to this that may also prove beneficial – which are mentioned later.

Whatever of the above the servant is doing then they should continue upon that and preserve it. 

As for what is opposed to this, then this should be left out – starting with the most important first.


The rectification in all affairs begins only with returning to The Creator and singling Him out in worship. 

God created us with a purpose, which He has informed us of by way of His prophets and messengers.

We have all been created to worship God alone and noone else. This is literally the reason for our existence, what we have been created for.

Thus, rectification of the heart, the body, the individual begins with fulfilling the purpose of our creation.

You have needs and the greatest is that you turn to your Lord completely and away from any and all false objects of worships (like angels, prophets, statues, etc).

How can there be any improvement for the one who submits to a created being that is controlled and regulated like they are?

How can they oppose their desires long enough to move from unhealthy to healthy or less attractive to more attractive – if they cannot give up useless actions for their Creator, The Bestower of favours!?

Thus, to seek to improve ones self you have to learn about the purpose of your creation and fulfill it – now one has a foundation to build upon by God’s Permission.

If you submit to God upon monotheism, then your prayers will be answered in what is good.

Ask Him to make you beautiful and He will make you beautiful.


If you are not a Muslim yet, then go and read this article before finishing this one, and act upon it!


Prayer is the second pillar of submission to God alone (which in Arabic is called Islam) and in it is the prevention of the sole from evil deeds and following of harmful desires.

Likewise, it comes before any other act upon the limbs – what is an act for The Creator compared to an act for the creation!?

With turning away from worldly desires 5 times throughout the day, washing the limbs in the way God Commanded and turning one’s heart and body to Him alone, comes the choosing of God and what pleases Him over what pleases oneself. 

With the above two (monotheism and prayer) the servant has been granted the best of this world and the best of provision with which to meet his Creator. 

From the Grace of God is that He may grant the slave additional benefits through the establishment of the prayer, though these are not what we perform the prayer for. 

From these are the aligning of the body with the movement of the sun through the sky (making sound the circadian rhythm), exercising the body through the positions that please God, humbling oneself and remembering that this life will be over soon and leaving off the world, training the nafs to choose what is right over harmful desires.


Insufficient or low quality sleep may lead to cravings and bad decisions. 

We should be careful to maintain a good sleep schedule (in line with the alternation fo the night and the day) to help maintain the brain and body. 

It may not be lost on you the paleness and black-eyed look of the sleep-deprived person!

Low quality sleep may be caused by:

  • Eating too soon before going to bed,
  • Sleeping in a bad position (sleep on your right side) ,
  • Not having performed sufficient exercise during the day (go for a walk! – see later),
  • Lack of minerals and nutrients (see below also!)
  • Too much usage of technology (perhaps there should be a whole post about this!).


Relax and take a few deep breaths once a day and tell me you don’t feel the difference.

When the breath becomes short and constricted and the chest tight, the body becomes harder to control and the ability to turn away from desires impaired. 

Take what you need of long deep breaths where you don’t think about the creation at all. 

Start with once a day whenever is easy. 


We have been made such that less than a week without water will prove fatal for most people.

The need for it should not need explaining with perhaps over 2/3rds of the body composed of water. 

Restriction of water is more harmful than that of food and supplements – so naturally this should be accounted for before these.

Often times it is that the servant has mistaken thirst for hunger and filled the body with what it doesn’t need right now – which it now has to process. 

In addition, the brain (which is a delegated control system for the heart) is created largely of water – so when we become dehydrated our ability to acquire knowledge and choose correct action (i.e. be intelligent) may also become impaired.

With the importance of water we should care about where we take it also. 

The water supplies of the industrialised world (since you are reading this from the internet that will likely mean you) have been polluted with a number of agents that are harmful to health and in turn attractiveness.

From them are medicines, hormones, toxic substances and specifically fluoride, a poison to humans that reduces intelligence. 

In addition, this water may be deficient of key minerals that it later the body seeks from food instead, leading to overfeeding. 

Instead, water should be taken from freshwater sources (i.e. spring or mineral water) – which is easy and cheap to resource now, thank God.

How many of the unattractive practices are tied to dehydration? From drinking fizzy drinks to interrupted sleep, overeating and many more. 

To help become more naturally attractive, make sure you have ample spring/mineral water kept cold and ready to drink – BEFORE becoming thirsty!


Sugar is the fuel of the brain. 

Carbs are good and necessary for good human functioning. 

The staple fuel source of slim, more attractive societies is carbohydrates. 

Whether people were upon rice, corn, maize, wheat, fruit, dates – when the basis of the diet of a people turns from carbohydrates lack these, to instead protein or fat as a fuel source – the waistlines grow, the faces lose colour and health decreases. 

In addition, with the lack of energy, the people turn to stimulants for energy, such as coffee, chocolate (high in caffeine) and fizzy/energy drinks (which increase dehydration and acidification of the body).

With these come increase loss of colour from the skin (unattractive in both sexes), irrational decision making from caffeination and periods of fast and slow action that may carry someone away from good actions. 

Make sure the staple of your diet is carbohydrates. 

Though based upon falsehood, the vegan movement has fooled some people into thinking it is a sustainable diet, perhaps mostly due to its primary focus as carbohydrates as a fuel source leading to some short term health benefits. 

If you focus on high nutrient density carbohydrates, you will likely not have to worry about protein or fat – as a little of these go a long way. 


When we become overfed we become sluggish, hard to exercise and hard to choose other attractive habits. 

In addition, waistlines may grow and we may be more susceptible to illness in the near future.

To account for this, we should make the first port of call with our diet to eat massively nutrient-dense foods first and give our body what it needs. 

With this, our hungry might return to a natural amount, and we may eat foods necessary to seek to add colour to the face (such as beta-carotene rich foods, tomatoes and wild pink salmon), strength to the body and ability to the brain. 


Walking is a foundation to good physical health and most people are able to pick this up right away as an attractive habit. 

Make sure you walk amongst nature whatever you are able, though if you have to walk on unnatural surfaces such as concrete or tarmac, make sure you wear level shoes with sufficient padding to prevent weakness of the body. 

Take a walk of at least ten minutes once a day after your small, regular, nutrient-dense meals to help aid digestion and extract benefits from being amongst nature. 

Make sure to walk in the sunlight to help with natural Vitamin D production also. 

The above covers a lot of the bases of good health, and in turn natural beauty. 

Unsurprisingly, it means accounting for your nature and being in line with nature!

Removing Harms 

Now that we have an idea of where we want to move our selves towards, there may be things in between us and that. 

How do we deal with this?

After taking measures to fulfill our purpose for creation and fulfill all of God’s Commands and prohibitions, then preserving helpful worldly habits, it’s time to avert and remove harms.

The greatest of them we alluded to when we mentioned God’s prohibitions, as these are the truly harmful things which He has informed us of for our benefit.

These are the most harmful things to attractiveness, and are clear for the one who reflects, from the worldly ill effects of these are: 

  • Alcohol corrupts intelligence, leads to following of desires and ill health. 
  • Pork leads to corruption of the body and manners,
  • Taking part in interest leads to poverty and having to work too many hours than are healthy for the body and mind. 

As for after these, the beneficial world habits which we may have been granted – then these are aids to help us upon obedience to God. 

If you obey God, then ask Him to make you beautiful – He will. 

And what is your power to beautify yourself compared to His?

As for removing harms, then we want to flush them out with good, natural helpful things. 

Acquire what you should be consuming or surrounding yourself with it.

Make sure you have enough for when you are in need of it, and a plan in place for what to do if you run out, how you want to source more. 

For example, have enough bottled spring water for when you are thirsty and have some ready chilled for when you are in need of it (e.g. after exercise or sweating – which is a natural and healthy body process – if you are worried about the smell then use potassium alum salt deodorant which stops the smell but not the sweating – which is natural and helpful for removing toxins from the body).

You want to be in a situation where there is no reason for not reverting to harmful things (e.g. tap water in some respects). 

Other examples might be, like alluded to above, replacing harmful antiperspirants with natural salt deodorant (potassium alum), coffee with fruit juice, harmful companions with companions who remind you of God, etc.

Now that you have replaced the bad with the good, removing the bad completely. 

Remove it far away from you that you might never fall back into it. 

Seeking Benefits

Naturally, in acting upon what has proceeded you will have already have gathered a number of benefits.

As for extra benefits, then look first to see that the foundation of good health has been restored. 

Then that any unnatural elements have been removed. 

As for what remains after this, then we are looking to perfect the foundational we have already laid which more focused habits. 

For example: 

Adding a weight resisted form of exercise at once per week to start. 

Adorning ourselves with noble manners, in our thoughts (which become) words (which become) actions.

Seeking out the best possible companionship to replace some of the good companionship we already have (those granted knowledge of God’s Religion – Islam – and action upon it).

See, with this we are looking to slowly move towards perfection, and naturally, our attractiveness will just be a reflection of this. 

As time goes on we should reflect upon where are we as regards these areas, where we may improve and move closer to perfection, putting the most important of affairs first.

How to become more attractive naturally?

Know, that your attractiveness is just a reflection of how much your are fulfilling your purpose of creation. 

You are a person who has needs and a Creator Who has taught us how to fulfill them. 

If you turn away from the creation to the Creator, He will cause the world to come to you – though it shouldn’t be your aim. 

I ask God, The Perfect and Most High, that He guides you to what is best for you, that He grants you the purest of heart, mind and body and makes you of those whom He enters into the abode that is eternal and everyone is beautiful. 


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