Why Is Service Quality Important in Today’s Business Environment?

There is so much stuff coming towards us today.

How many businesses are competing for your attention and paying large sums of money to do it!

There are so many businesses providing almost indistinguishable services, how do we choose which one to give our service?

The answer is simple:

Provide the best quality service you possibly can. 

Service Quality: What Separates the Fake from The Real.

With all these people competing for your attention today, through social media, ads and other (sometimes pretty pushy) methods – we need something that has our customers choosing us over our competition. 

The answer is so simple but it is overlooked by so many people and businesses. 

It is to focus on giving the customer the best service you possibly can. 

Why is this important?

Because the customer has trusted you with their money and you had better believe this is a test!

You earned their trust with whatever means of finding that employee you used – now what will you do with it?

This is where the fakers are separated from the servicemen and women. 

This is where you may acquire a lifelong customer, or where you break that trust that money can’t buy. 

And today, thank God, it’s never been easier. 

Today’s Business Environment

Today, it is as though business has done a complete 180-degree flip. 

Instead of how it used to be in the past, when people knew that the amount of money you have coming in is just a reflection of how good the quality of the service you are giving people is.

Today, it’s as people think that you just need to bombard people with ads and track them across the web like a sniper in the woods, to just take their money and run. 

Seriously, to the point of installing cookies on your digital device to find you on social media and not leave you until extracting your money. 

Okay, maybe a bit dramatic, but I hope we get the picture. 

Many people have forgotten that you are in business to provide quality service. 

So if you focus on providing that, the rest will come to you anyway. 

Slash Your Advertising Budget

Here’s an idea you might not have heard online before. 

Take all the money that you used to spend on grabbing people’s attention, and instead use it to provide the best service you possibly can to your customers. 

This will set you massively apart from much of your competition. 

Think about it like this, instead of spending money on finding a customer for one particular service and never hearing from them again – spend that money on THEM. 

Seriously, provide them with the best service you possibly can. 

How might this come back to you?

We emphasise first that you just realise that the reason you are in business is to provide value to other people, so this should be enough on its own. 

However, there are some ways and means we might think of that the money may just come back to us, that we might increase in our certainty. 

Let Your Customers Do The Advertising For You

Provide an amazing service to your customers. 

Provide them with a service so good that they cannot keep their mouths closed about it. 

Not only may you find in them a customer who comes back once or twice a year instead of just once. 

But, your customers may become your own salesmen, telling their friends and family all about your service. 

(That said, you may want to encourage them on their way out of the door also: 

“We loved dealing with you [customer’s most beloved name] if you happen to tell any friends or family about your time we are more than happy to give you 10% of whatever they spend!”)

Can this be compared to Facebook Ads in effectiveness?

It’s a “Win-Win” instead of a “Look-Give Us Money”.

You Actually Stand For Something

How many businesses today are just sort of, there? 

They do what they do, but they are just a business. 

There’s no real buy-in from the customer in why they do what they do, and whenever something small changes in the marketplace (like someone mentioning that such and such business has a free trial or a small discount, etc) they and their service are gone. 

That’s not what we want. 

If you want customer loyalty, the answer is really simple. 

Be loyal to your customer. 

Repay the trust (and then some) that they placed in you when they gave you their money. 

Their trusting that you wanted to give them more service quality than how much they valued their money. 

Think about it like this. 

Two companies: 

Company 1: 

Slogan: “We are here for you”

Sure, Company 1 – the proof is in the pudding. 

But, Company 2:

Slogan: “Do you need anything else?”

Thank you! You showed me instead of telling me. 

Stand for something, take responsibility for the wellbeing of your customers and don’t be surprised if more people start to trust you with their business. 

We Have Never Been More Connected, Yet Further Apart

Don’t cringe yet, there is a point to this!

Today, with all the social media and in your face “customer service” – emails, chatbots, pop-ups when you leave the page (these may work pretty well, granted) – it hasn’t actually brought us closer to other people. 

How is this?

When was the last time we had someone out of the blue message us from the past and ask to meet up and if we need anything? 

Or send us a handwritten letter? 

The reality is, things have become so automated today that it might be harder to gain the trust of people by using more robots. 

The answer, however, is simple. 

Forget about the money. 

Do you want long term customers?

Take a long term approach. 

Call them up personally instead of just emailing them. 

“Thanks a lot for answering so and so, I appreciate you taking the time to meet me last week. 

I just wanted to ask if we missed anything and if there was anywhere you felt I fell short? 

I hope you are well and that [name of their children or close person] is doing well.”


Where has this been?

Which business can we choose over this business with our money?

Quick-Fire Tips

We are near the end of the article, but we don’t want to leave you without some actionable advice to take away with you. 

We covered the mindset and some of the ways and means you might carry all this out, but here are a few things you might use straight away also: 

  • Keep notes on every single customer

Far from overboard, remember how you might have studied for exams at school and made notes? Well, these customers are the way by which your livelihood is coming to you!

Keep a spreadsheet of every single like and dislike of your customers, little facts and findings and make sure to open this up before you speak with or plan something for them (that’s “for them”, not “to them”). 

Don’t worry if it becomes a long document, just hit CTRL / CMD and F to search the document by name or location. 

(Google Sheets is Free by the way and syncs across multiple devices)

  • Care about your customer

I’m not accusing you of not caring, what I mean is to go above and beyond. 

That means not just caring about their money, but their health and time as well. 

This might mean, instead of saying: 

“Thanks for answering the call [customer] are you happy to complete a quick survey about your service last week?”

Say this:

“How is your state, [customer], is now an okay time to talk – I know you might be busy.”

See, it’s gone from being about you to being about them.

Why is Service Quality Important?

Try to earn money by giving bad service!

If you want to read more about how to give great customer service, feel free to stick around the site – but don’t worry, I know you might be busy (Do you get it?!)

Thanks a lot for reading and take care, 



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