What Is The Best Way To Brand Yourself Today?

Be As Good As You Possibly Can, With Leverage.

Your brand is just you.

The more good you do, the better your brand.

The more time you waste and the more evil you do, the worse your brand.

Yes, there are certain things we want to do to make easy our branding, which we have explained below, but first, you need to seek the most important knowledge and act accordingly.

After this, you simply add leverage to your actions to multiply your efforts.

It is very important that you are grounded in authentic knowledge before this as you are adding a multiplier to your decisions, so be careful.

This is how to brand yourself for maximum leverage:

  1. Do As Much Good As You Can Per Time Alloted
  2. If You Have To Leave A Name, Leave Your Name

That’s it.

As simple as this is, an expansion upon this is below with more how-tos, etc.


Think about some of the biggest “personal brands” in the world.

What do they have in common?

As for power then today there are,

Saud, Rothschild, J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller…

And what about fashion brands?

Hugo Boss, Chanel, Gucci, Cartier, Prada…

And what about the most influential people who ever lived?

Muhammad (May God extol him in the highest company of the angels and grant him peace), Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Noah…

Are we seeing something in common?


It is simply a person or a family who were granted knowledge then acted upon it.

Some of them had sincerity to The Creator and acted upon all of what was revealed to them.

Some of them had worldly desires but still sought knowledge over a long period with harms and acted upon it.

Some of these kept the ties of kinship and past on dynasties.

But the principle is the same, be sincere to The Creator, seek knowledge and act upon it.

Take responsibility for yourself, your family, your neighbours, your clients and whoever you interact with.


You are responsible for how you use the time you have been given.

Before looking at how to brand yourself, first take responsibility for yourself.

For you heart, what you allow yourself to think.

Your tongue, what you choose to break silence with.

Your limbs, what you choose to do.

This is the vast majority of branding already taken care of.

You want to make sure that you are only doing things that you don’t mind if people know about.

Then you add leverage to this.

Put Yourself In Your Proper Place

A portion of the time of your day is to be designated for your work, your family, etc.

You have been given intelligence, so choose the best way to apply your self during each of these times.

For example, if you have a great aptitude for mathematics and analysis, then why try and be a painter?

Remember, the more good you do the bigger your brand.

We want to use our time wisely to provide as much value as we can to other people.

This means that we look to our strengths and see what we have been given and what problems we might be uniquely designed to help solve.

Next we look at how we might use what we have at our disposal to leverage these efforts as well as we can.

With a paint brush, you are adding leverage to your artistic ability.

However, one of the most powerful things that you have ever been given is likely right in front of you as you are reading this.

If this isn’t clear yet, keep reading:


You’re already reading this via the internet, so perhaps I don’t have to sell you on it.

Put simply, there might be no reason to brand offline anymore.

Branding online is so easy and cost effective, the time spent on physical branding might just be completely wasted.

People are already almost glued to technology and they already trust (with hours upon hours of their time which they give away for free, that is then sold to advertisers) organizations like Google, Twitter and Facebook.

However, there may be some aspects of it we haven’t reflected upon yet, so let’s have a look. Basically, we don’t know if branding has ever been easier:

1. There are robots crawling the internet looking to send content to other people.

Unlike in the past where you had to think about the type of people you wanted to put things in front of, find out where they choose to place their eyes and ears… today, just find out what they are searching for and create the best content for them. Let robots do the rest.

2. There are services to create ads that follow people around the internet.

Once someone has visited your website, you might use retargetting advertisements to follow them around the internet.

Imagine visiting a shop and then seeing advertisements from that shop wherever you go, the newspaper shops, the bus stands, the billboards on the motorway. Also, simply click a button to be taken back to the shop and purchase. This is a reality on the internet.

3. You might hyper target the exact people you want to find online, message them or choose what ads they see on their social media and in their email.

Then once they have visited a page of yours, you might (voluntarily) send messages to their email or notifications to their electronic devices, and as above, target them with ads all over the internet.

CEOs of Major Companies, Directors at Major Media Outlets, Influencers with millions of followers. There are (perfectly ethical) ways of finding their accounts (like Linkedin), adding tracking devices (cookies) to their devices (after they visit your website) then controlling what they see.

Basically, today, branding isn’t just about choosing what font to use on your business card.

It’s about creating your own indoctrination system.

4. You might set up your own website in a day for less than $40 per year.

Unlike houses and businesses of old, which have all these costs attached to them and all the lumbering of building them, acquiring them and changing them.

Then all the costs of business cards, flyers, signs, posters, mail ads and what have you.

Today, people have another process for finding out about you and your business and they may very well do this even if you give them brochures and flyers.

It’s called Googling and people do it every day.

Naturally, if you can decide what goes on your Google results page, you have controlled what a large portion of the world will perceive you as, just add traffic.

5. There are targetted website visitors for sale online for $0.02 per visitor.

Built a website and unsure of how to take it off the ground? Pay a Search Engine like Bing $25 per 1,250 visitors.

Oh, and they often offer a free $100 of ad credit for new sign ups.

So this is really 6,250 visitors for $25.

And all the above might be done with your smartphone.

The Most Powerful Weapon in The World?

To drive this home, let’s look at the economics of it.

At current prices, you might create your own website with over 6,000 visitors per month (before organic Google traffic), send updates for new posts direct to other peoples devices and inboxes and send these out to other websites like Twitter and Medium.

For $65.

You would have basically created an indoctrination device for less than the cost of a years Netflix subscription.

But most people prefer paying to give away their intelligence.

What Is The Best Way To Brand Yourself?

If you haven’t figured it out from the above, here’s how to go about branding yourself today.

  1. Buy a website and a domain in your name (perferably .com).
  2. Find out what people are searching for on Google that you are able to help with (by looking at suggested searches).
  3. Help Solve The Problems that aren’t being solved (by creating posts better than currently on offer).

The above three are the vast majority of the work. These next 4 are just bonuses.

  1. Speed things up with ads if you can.
  2. Make sure you add retargeting scripts to your website like Facebook Pixel.
  3. Offer something free in return for people’s email addresses.
  4. Send out updates via email and notifications (use OneSignal for free) for every new post.

This is the most effective way of branding to do that we know of.

If you want to do this yourself, then here is how to start branding yourself.

One last point, it’s not a reason to act in of itself, but consider that having your own website with traffic and a good Google front page jumps you to the top of the social hierachy in your particularly area.

Maybe useful, maybe not.


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