Here is How To Start Branding Yourself Today

Create Your Own Website.

This is the simplest branding tool we know of to decide the message you want to impart on the world.

It is easy to set up, a great investment and you might have one finished within the next hour.

If you want to learn more about why it is so great, then read what is the best way to brand yourself today.

If you are ready to start, let’s start.

Google Your Name

What comes up?

If it is a bunch social media accounts or forum profiles then this is good.

If there is someone with a bit of a following or Wikipedia profiles etc, we might want to be more creative.

Think about how to style your name with middle names, initials, last name only, etc.

Whichever one is the least populated on Google, choose that, or choose whichever you are already known for if you have the ball rolling.

Now check to see if this is available as a domain on

If it is, great, choose this.

The point is, just choose one and stick with it.

Set Up Your Website

There are two main ways to do this, the easy way and the better way.

The easy way may have you with a website of your own in around 30 mins.

Your own propagation machine, that requires almost zero maintainence.

The other way, has a few extra things to play around with, but may be more harm than good for the vast majority of people.

If you are not experienced in web design, choose method 1.

If you are experienced in web design, search engine optimization or you want to learn these skills (meaning, that you do not already have a well-developed skill set for providing value to others and want to do this professionally) then use method 2.

Method 1

Use and set up your own website in less than an hour.

Set an hour timer, buy the Personal Plan for $48 a year with a free domain (, choose your theme, set everything up so it looks good enough, a posts page, an about page (optional) and a way for people to contact you is more than you need to get started.

For the title, just put your name.

For the tagline, whatever you do to provide value to others (I help people ___).

If you need a logo, then go to, choose “logo”, type your name in a basic font in the middle and download.

Set this as your “favicon” also.

Here is an important part which you should do:

Once the hour is finished, no more editing.

This is your website now for good.

Get on to benefitting other people.

With this method and what follows, you may have built a website to rank on Google for different terms which people are searching for looking for help.

Every minute you spend messing around with the theme is a minute you are not spending on creating content to help other people.

Which is better for your brand?

If this sounds too simple, consider this: The best design brands logos are just a name.

BOSS, Chanel, Gucci, Prada…

Just take a basic website, but your name on it then produce great content.

If you help people with health, wealth or relationship issues, then do this.

If you want to be a web designer, then do that.

Don’t try and be average at both.

Be great at one and outsource the other (not that you need to, since minimalist looks better anyway).

Method 2

The amount of people that need to do this are so few that we just want to give the broad strokes.

Find a good Youtube tutorial for how to set up a (not .com) hosted website.

Take out on the same hosting.

Set it up with a nice minimalist theme.

For the logo and favicon, same as above, logo with your name in the middle.

Add the same pages as mentioned above.

Post content.

Since you are knowledgable in web design and search engines then create a good site in one hour then never touch it again unless you need to.

Again, doesn’t apply to most.

Social Media

Now it’s time to finish rounding our Google Page.

Take out social media accounts in the same name as your website.

Do this on every major network and the lesser used ones. Why? They rank easily on Google.

Take an hour to do this, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Your Google Account Profile, Flickr,, Vimeo, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.

Add your new site as the website in the profile.

This is the vast majority of the framework set up.

Removing Harms

So perhaps there are some things which you don’t want people to know about for a good reason.

Google have functions for requesting these be removed.

In the EU, outdated content or outside of the EU.

There are also ways for clearing out old facebook and twitter posts, etc.

Keep these accounts if you already have the ball rolling, just rebrand and restrict your internet use to seeking knowledge to benefit yourself or others, or calling others to this knowledge on your own website.

Remember, some people value their time more than money, and people give them money for their time.

And other people value money more than their time, so they give their time to other people for money.

You only have so many hours in the day for worldly work.

Take control of it or someone else might.

Choose how to best provide value to others, if you need to put a name then put your name.

Remove mistakes, but if someone catches one then own up to it, seek God’s forgiveness, if you harmed the creation then put things right then go back to doing good.

How To Help Others

Find what people are searching for on Google that isn’t being answered very well (skip down to the bit about Google Fishing).

How To Start Branding Yourself Today

Do as much good as you can per hour and if you need to put a name then put your name.


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